Motivations to start Career as a Personal Support Worker

Motivations to start Career as a Personal Support Worker

There are several reasons why a career as a personal support worker looks attractive to people. Different reasons can inspire you to apply for the position of personal support worker (PWS).

Demand for PSWs is rising higher day by day all over in Canada. The continuing ageing population of Canada is demanding skilled PSWs by creating job opportunities for them. Moreover, a carrier as PSWs is considered an excellent choice and a very stable healthcare career. These opportunities are going to increase in future.

The carrier as a personal support worker is not just 9 to 5 job. It is more than that in which you are developing a special connection with your clients and patients. You are spending one-to-one time with your clients as their personal support worker. However, specific challenges and responsibilities needed to be considered before selecting the carrier as a personal support worker. Followings are some advantages and disadvantages for working as a personal support worker will help you choosing PSW as long term, career.

Advantages of Working as a Personal Support Worker:

Inner Satisfaction and Fulfillment:

To choose a personal support worker as a career option, one should understand that it is not just a regular job. It is much more because, as a PSW, one will make a huge difference concerning his clients’ lives. PSWs are responsible for such activities, which are sometimes difficult for even family members, doctors, nurses to fulfil for their patients. Personal support workers are required to perform daily tasks of their clients, which they cannot complete on their own. This can include cleaning, medication reminders, grocery shopping, cooking, grooming, getting appointments and sometimes even bathing. PSWs became trusted companions of lonely patients to share their emotions and exceed to develop close relationships with the client and his family.

In some cases, another human being’s life is dependent on PSW because a family trusts them for their loved ones’ good health. Fulfilling that responsibility with great care gives a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. In many cases, PSWs are given high gratitude with great respect from their clients and families with a genuine appreciation of their work.

Only 12 Months Training Can Make You a Good Personal Support Worker:

To get trained as a personal support worker is the best opportunity to start a healthcare worker career. The whole training procedure will take only 12 months shorter than any other career training opportunity in the healthcare department.

Central College of Business & Technology will provide 12 months training program for a certificate in PSW. That will also include an 255-Hours Field Placement. Students will learn all the hands-on training and theory necessary for qualifying in this program, especially in long-term healthcare facilities or even for home-care opportunities.

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High Demand of PSWs in Canada:

In Canada, PSWs are in high demand that makes many individuals get attracted to this opportunity. Much population is ageing with time, there is a shortage of workers in nursing homes, and high demands are from home care facilities and long-term healthcare facilities. All these facts are increasing the demand for PSWs. In the region of Ontario, the demand for personal support workers is very high. According to the job bank’s rating system, this career opportunity rated a 3 star, the highest rating for demand. Moreover, according to predictions, the high demand will remain the same in the next 10 years.

The flexibility of work:

The personal support worker enjoyed the advantages of flexibility in his work routine. There is no hard and fast attendance system; only they need to complete their clients’ daily tasks by checking their well-being and health conditions. That gives the personal support worker a lot of independence and freedom to offer his services to several clients in different homes with flexible scheduling. The career as PSW also allows you to give your family proper time by fulfilling your commitments.

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Disadvantages of Becoming PSW

Challenging Patients and Dying Clients:

Sometimes the emotional problems of your client become very challenging. This happens in the case of older people suffering from chronic diseases disabled clients. In some situations, you also had to take care of a person who has mental health problems or patients suffering from anxiety; they are lonely, not cooperative and upset on some occasions. You can also come across furious clients who will not care for your feelings and will not obey or follow the directions. In some severe cases, one had to witness his client’s death with whom he already had a good trust relationship. The close bonds concerning patients make this profession great, but it can also bring sorrow and grief when a patient dies.

PSWs must have the ability to face the death of their clients. Central College of Business & Technology had entered special classes to care for dying patients and work with clients with cognitive and mental health problems.

Changing Shift Hours and Different Paying Rates:

Sometimes the home-care organizations and nursing homes do not offer consistent and regular work. The shifts are changing even the rates are varying from case to case. Some complaints include last-minute calls, and irregular working hours, making the life of PSWs very difficult. In most cases, payment is quite well, ranging from $25 – $29 per hour, but some posted jobs offer wages roundabout, $16 per hour. However, money is not everything for personal support workers. They do love their job, but they need better pay, which they do deserve.

Heavy Workload in Case of Staff Shortages:

Throughout Canada, there is a shortage of PSWs because of high demand. That makes life difficult for personal support workers because, in some cases, they are overloaded with clients. This can be explained in simple words that in a nursing home where PSWs deals typically, 8 to 10 patient in one shift are overloaded with 15 to 20 patients. This kind of hard work can cause stress issues for PSWs.

How to Apply for a Personal Support Worker Training Program?

Suppose you are okay with these advantages and disadvantages and still want to become a personal support worker. In that case, our admission advisors are ready to help you understand the training program’s requirements as a personal support worker. They will help you with:

  • Requirements of an application for PSW training program. (Will check your eligibility).
  • Guide you through training program schedules.
  • You will get information about financial aid and tuition options.
  • They will guide you in booking campus tour and class visits.
  • They will also answer all your queries regarding the training program of PSW and career.

Moreover, students are invited open-heartedly to explore the Central College of Business & Technology website for the PSWs training program and other career option.

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