Business Administration Diploma Program

Business Administration Diploma Program in Mississauga is exclusively designed to provide a valuable theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamic corporate world


2 Academic Years



Total Hours



1900 hours

Field Placement

320 hours

Business Administration Diploma Program

The Central College of Business & Technology offers a Business Administration diploma program in Mississauga. This program has been carefully designed to provide valuable practical and theoretical insights into the modern corporate world.

The diploma not only paves towards entrepreneurial advances but also assists in career growth. In this course, students will learn about different techniques to collect financial as well as non-financial information for analysis. They will be able to apply their knowledge to determine the cost structures of organizations by using profit management strategies.

Business Administration Mississauga - Duration and What to Expect

This program spans over two years and will train students to manage the fiscal position of an enterprise. Moreover, it will also enable them to conduct financial operations under the guidelines laid out in the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Furthermore, students will acquire core knowledge that international employers will expect from them. It comprises a thorough familiarity with these concepts:

  • Import and export
  • International finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship


Students will also learn about various financial matters, for example, shaping the economic position of an organization. 

They will not only gain detailed insights about authorized matters, finance and design but will also be able to implement corporate plans in coordination with manufacturing, sales and marketing et cetera.


Business Administration - Modules & Course Components

Why Choose Business Administration Mississauga Diploma Program

To progressively grow and stay competitive in the worldwide economy, businesses around the world must indeed have an improved understanding of the dynamics of international corporations.

The course offers an extensive curriculum that familiarizes students with corporate, financial, and political forces dominating the international market. Specifically, it focuses on building an all-inclusive knowledge of human resources, marketing and sales. Afterwards, you will be able to implement the knowledge into practice and above all, you will benefit from real-world experiences.

Business Administration Diploma Jobs

Students will acquire a strong foundation in business and accounting fundamentals. Here we have illustrated a few options you will be likely to consider:

Business Administration Career Opportunities

The Business administration Mississauga program will empower you to forge an exciting career ahead of you. For instance, you can enter the field of import and export, or the real estate sector, whichever you deem fit. 

We help you contribute to the international trading market by offering plenty of knowledge of key concepts and practical training.

With consistent job search assistance to workshops, you will certainly embark upon an advancing career. Also, you will be armed with the right knowledge and skill set that will benefit you throughout your career. 

Upon completion of the program, students will be expected to know and understand:
  • How to use computerized office programs like Microsoft Office in an office environment.

  • How different phone systems work, answering the phone, providing customer service, taking office inventory, ordering supplies as well as working with office filing systems.

  • The business language used in formal settings and be able to create effective reports, letters and memos besides other official documents.

  • The concept of business presentations, arranging business meetings, conferences and making travel arrangements.

  • How to prepare journal entries as well as composing month-end, year- end reports manually along with using Simply Accounting or QuickBooks

  • To create purchase quotes, orders and invoices using Simply Accounting, or QuickBooks

  • To create sales quotes, orders and invoices using Simply Accounting or QuickBooks

  • How to enter receipts, payment, deposits and bank reconciliation 9. They will also learn how to work on a computer with windows operating system, store files on it along with retrieving information and backup data (work files)

  • To be able to search the internet, find information, send/receive e-mails, maintain electronic scheduling as well as using softwares such as Internet Explorer and Outlook

  • Type/edit letters memos, forms and reports in addition to other types of documents using Word

  • Create/ modify the spreadsheet, use formulas, different types of functions, using Excel

  • Create/ manage information in a smaller database software Access

  • Prepare and present presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Understand marketing concepts and how marketing affects the buying and selling of products and services.

  • Know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of everyone`s role in the management

  • Know how to market businesses using different media forms

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