NACC Personal Support Worker 2022

The NACC Personal Support Worker 2022 is designed to broaden the students’ vision, knowledge and skills to enable them to become a helping hand in society. They will be able to assist, clients, patients and residents with different healthcare needs.

NACC Personal Support Worker 2022

1 Academic Year

700 Total Hrs.

299 Theory Hrs.

401 Hrs. Practical & Practicum

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NACC Personal Support Worker 2022

The world population is on a steady rise. The infancy rate has exceeded the mortality rate. As a result, a lot of elderly and senior citizens need to be attended to. This has increased the need for personal support workers (PSWs). The Personal Support Workers have become a vital part of our society as they are often needed to assist people in managing their homes along with other family responsibilities. These workers also perform personal care and recreational activities with a holistic approach. In addition, the workers often need to coordinate with nurses and other healthcare specialists to share their burdens. 

This certificate program will teach students knowledge and skills that are necessary to work as a Personal Support Worker. Graduates will take care of residents in need of different healthcare services along with helping vulnerable patients and clients

Central College Admission Requirements

Admission Requirments

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR
  • Mature student status- be at least 18 years of age and pass a superintendent-approved qualifying test. Call us on (905) 566-0507 to know more.
  • Proficiency in English (IELTS)
  • NACC Literacy Test
  • Medical Clearance
  • Police Clearance (vulnerable sector)

NACC Personal Support Worker 2022

This program will enable graduates to acquire a NACC personal support worker certificate. Furthermore, this program will develop the required skills to the highest levels to ensure students progress steadily and stand out in their workplace. The graduates will start their active lives immediately after completing the program. 

Following is a brief overview of this course:

  • To begin with, students will reflect upon the recent practices and policies in the healthcare field. 
  • They will actively partake in the inter-professional facility and will also maintain collaborative working associations.
  • They will learn to provide person-centred as well as person-directed care based on values, beliefs, and ethics.
  • Additionally, students will learn to develop and maintain helpful relationships and effective communication knowing in mind professional limitations and policies in terms of privacy legislation.
  • They will promote and maintain a comfortable and safe environment as well as assist in personal care along with administering emergency first aid.
  • They will help individuals, for instance, in routine activities using fundamental knowledge of growth and development, rehabilitation, health promotion and maintenance et cetera.
  • Graduates will help individuals with medication under the service plan along with house management tasks and other activities keeping in mind the individual or family’s comfort and safety.
  • They will also employ best practices to support safe responses and effective strategies for people with psychological challenges and cognitive impairment.

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Modules & Subjects Components - NACC Personal Support Worker 2022

The NACC personal support worker 2022 certificate program comprises 15 subjects. These subjects are covered in classes as well as the practicum. 

Namely, these subjects are:

Personal Support Worker - Career Opportunities & Jobs

NACC Certified personal support workers will have a lot of options to start their careers. Particularly, they will find employment easily in various homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Our students study under the supervision of leading professionals and as a result, they develop prized skills that are always in need. Due to this reason, they can proficiently help people suffering from physical and cognitive impairments as well as chronic and acute diseases.

There are varying dynamics in which you can find employment such as educational institutes and hospitals. You can particularly benefit from the practical experience that will be involved in this course. Specifically, some healthcare and community centres will facilitate our graduates’ internships. It will teach you helpful skills along with collaborating and communicating efficiently with the healthcare system.

The graduates will encounter multiple opportunities in community care facilities, healthcare departments, and hospitals. Some of them are as follows:

NACC Personal Support Worker 2022

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