Early Childcare Assistant Diploma Program

Early Childcare Assistant diploma program is designed to prepare students for wide-ranging careers in the dynamic field of childhood education.

CCBA® Certification Exam Preparation Workshop - Early Childcare Assistant Diploma Program

1 Academic Year

945 Total Hrs.

455 Theory Hrs.

490 Hrs. Field Practicum

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Central College of Business & Technology offers an early childcare assistant (ECA) diploma program in Mississauga. This program specifically focuses on childcare education theory and its practical applications. For this reason, the ECA diploma program is a stepping stone for a promising career in the early childcare field. In this course, students will explore key competencies that are especially helpful to gaining employment in this dynamic field.

Central College Admission Requirements

Admission Requirments

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR
  • Mature student status- be at least 18 years of age and pass a superintendent-approved qualifying test. Call us on (905) 566-0507 to know more.
  • Proficiency in English (IELTS)

Why Choose Early Childcare Assistant Diploma Program? - Duration and What to Expect

This is perhaps the most obvious question that jumps to your mind whenever you think about the ECA diploma program. Therefore, we will discuss some of the perks of choosing this course. 

First of all, you will acquire practical skills that will go a long way in your career. You will gain valuable experience working with kids under the supervision of licensed childcare environments. 

Secondly, you will have a chance to implement the theoretical knowledge obtained during the course of this diploma. Due to this reason, our graduates often feel confident about their abilities and perform better than their peers.

This course spans over one year and is particularly concerned with a demanding yet rewarding profession. Above all, the ECA diploma program offers top-notch training to address children’s safety and health. Furthermore, this program takes a deep dive into the knowledge of child healthcare, equips you with useful skills and more importantly, allows you to experience real-world scenarios.

As a result, our graduates are well-equipped to assist children in primary childhood development. In particular, they have a strong foundation in communication, planning and other important topics required in childcare. 

Upon graduating with the ECA diploma program, students can apply for jobs in daycare settings as an assistant. 

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Course Subjects Of Early Childcare Assistant Diploma Program Mississauga

The ECA diploma program comprises 14 subjects. These modules are covered in classes as well as the practicum. Moreover, some additional practical experience is also provided in a facility and community. 

Namely, these subjects are:

Career Opportunities & Jobs After the ECA diploma program

Students that have completed the Early Childcare Assistant Diploma Program Mississauga, will find that they have a huge demand in the market for their professional skills. 

Our students receive the best training and often finish their education with exceptional grades. As a result, they readily find employment in childcare centers, nursery schools, kindergartens and early child learning centers. 

With an increasing spike in the world population, the demand for community service workers is also increasing day by day. Due to this, the graduates of the ECA diploma program can start careers in various settings that include youth facilities, drop-in accommodations, correction facilities and domestic violence et cetera. 

As an illustration, we have jotted down some career pathways for you here

early childhood assistant

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