Business Administration Diploma Program

Business Administration Diploma Program is designed to provide a valuable theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamic corporate world

Business Administration Diploma Program

3 Academic Years

2220 Total Hrs

1900 Theory Hrs.

320 Hrs. Field Practicum

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Business Administration Diploma Program

Central College of Business & Technology offers a diploma program in Business Administration in Mississauga. This program is carefully designed to provide valuable practical and theoretical insights into the modern corporate world. Therefore, the diploma not only paves for entrepreneurial development but also assists in career growth. In this course, students will learn about different techniques to collect financial as well as non-financial information for analysis. Moreover, they will also be able to apply their knowledge to determine the cost structures of organizations by using various profit management strategies.

Central College Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR
  • Mature student status- be at least 18 years of age and pass a superintendent-approved qualifying test. Call us on (905) 566-0507 to know more.
  • Proficiency in English (IELTS)

Why Choose Business Administration Diploma Program

Duration and What to Expect

This program spans over three years and will train students to manage the fiscal positions of industries and organizations. In addition to that, they will also be able to conduct financial operations under the guidelines laid out in the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Furthermore, students will acquire core knowledge that international employers will expect from them.

Firstly, this includes a thorough understanding of international finance and imports and exports. Secondly, proficiency in marketing and entrepreneurship is also considered good merit. 

Students will also learn about various financial matters, for example, shaping the economic position of an organization.

They will not only gain detailed insights about authorized matters, finance and design but will also be able to implement corporate plans in coordination with manufacturing, sales and marketing et cetera.

In today’s dynamic world, business strategies are constantly changing. Likewise, managers are always on the move to tackle their competition. To this end, they regularly study their customers and observe their behavior patterns. Because, after all, consumers are the ultimate bosses.

Accordingly, we train our students to be familiar with various dynamics that are simultaneous with international organizations.

In addition to this, our curriculum includes many other important and trending topics as well. For example, students will get to know more about the financial, political and corporate forces of the market. Specifically, we focus on sales, marketing and human resources.

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Subjects & Course Components - Business Administration Diploma Program

The Business Administration Mississauga diploma comprises 26 subjects. These subjects are covered in classes as well as the practicum.

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What You Will Know & Understand After Completing The Diploma of Business Administration

After the diploma, students will have an enhanced skill set and will be able to perform an array of tasks. They will learn about the inner workings of various operations and fundamentals such as:

In the same way, students will acquire the following skills as well:

Business Administration Diploma - Career Opportunities

After completing the Diploma of Business Administration in Mississauga, students will have a very exciting career ahead of them. For example, they can pursue Governmental jobs in the field of import and export. At the same time, they can also try their hands at trading houses.

At Central College of Business & Technology we train our students to apply their knowledge in the international trade market. This enables them to become a productive part of society. Simultaneously, along with studies, we will also conduct job search workshops that will improve our students’ employment prospects.

As illustrated before, during the course of the diploma, students will become immensely familiar with the knowledge of business and accounting. Subsequently, they will qualify to apply for the following posts:in

Diploma Career Opportunities

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