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Skills development at Central College of Business & Technology. Our skilled consultants provide one of the most demanding programs that are capable to make you a pro. So stop wasting your precious time and just get registered with this certified platform

Skills Development at Central College of Business & Technology

We Assist Students With

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills development is considered the most demanding skill among marketers, organizations, and companies. Moreover, after learning these skills you will be able to communicate with clients accordingly. The primary skills included in this package are leadership, teamwork, empathy, and management.

Resume Writing

Every student and job seeker needs a resume to show their work or portfolio. There are a lot of people that are looking forward to finding a specialized person to make their perfect resume. In this way, if you can write and create a resume, you can get academic and professional tasks.

Small Upscaling Workshops

Here students have to collect the data or information and know about the barriers and facilitators regarding its implementation in large-scale communication training programs. This workshop will be responsible to teach students about the case study design from the

English Proficiency Classes

As everyone has an idea about the importance of the English language. Moreover, there is a lot of scope for learning this language. It helps in academic and professional careers. Here we are providing certified and professional English proficiency classes.

Training for Certification Program

In this category, a student has the opportunity to learn an additional certification with their degree or diploma program. In this way, you can have better training for the certification program.

Placement Training

Our placement training program includes various pieces of training. Likewise, industrial know-how, technical skills, language proficiency, and much more. So what you are waiting for just get register with us.

Counseling Session

Every student seeks counseling sessions. Moreover, people are seeking the appropriate professions but they require counseling sessions. In this way, we are providing here a full package for career counseling.

Career Assessment

In today’s world, everything is going so fast. Everyone is worried about their career. So here we have professional career counselors who are responsible to give an appropriate ideology to our students.

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