International Business Management Diploma Program

The International Business Management Diploma Program Mississauga is a carefully designed qualification. This diploma will help you to acquire entrepreneurial skills that are concurrent with the latest market trends. 

International Business Management Diploma Program

2 Academic Years

1120 Total Hrs.

1000 Theory Hrs.

120 Hrs. Field Practicum

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International Business Management Diploma Program

Central College of Business & Technology is offering an International business management diploma in Canada that is specifically designed to enable students to develop the necessary skills for the modern corporate world. This program not only provides valuable theoretical knowledge with the aid of experienced teachers but also provides the opportunity to apply that knowledge during field placement. 

Students will have ample opportunities to acquire and hone new skills. For example, they will be able to manage and run many aspects of international trade for their employers. They will be able to help small and medium businesses to gain the advantage of global trade opportunities.

Central College Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent OR
  • Mature student status- be at least 18 years of age and pass a superintendent-approved qualifying test. Call us on (905) 566-0507 to know more.
  • Proficiency in English (IELTS)

Why Choose International Business Management Diploma - Duration and What to Expect

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or have a flair for management and want to broaden your skills and tap into international markets, then you have come to the right place. 

This diploma takes a deep dive into the subject matter of international business and will incorporate various topics such as:

Moreover, core international management skills are also covered in this program that will go a long way to secure jobs in organizations. 

The program spans over 2 academic years and includes 120 hours of field placement that will not only solidify theoretical concepts but will also provide you with a real-world perspective. 

By the end of this diploma, you will be well equipped to conduct market research, make presentations and collaborate with teams to oversee projects.

Subjects & Course Components - International Business Management Diploma

The International Business Management Mississauga diploma consists of 16 subjects . These modules are covered in the classroom as well as in the practicum. 

These subjects are:

The program will also include job search workshops that will give you some pointers to shine your CV and will be a great help to gain employment.

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International Business Management Diploma - Career Opportunities

This program is taught under the supervision of expert teachers and due to this reason, graduates will be fit to enter the fields of international management. The superior skills you will acquire will help you to stay ahead of your peers. 

A strong educational background combined with accounting fundamentals and practical experience will always propel your career aspects. There will be many career options available to you after graduation. 

For instance, you can find employment in the following:

Diploma Career Opportunities

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