International Students

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International Students

At Central College of Business & Technology we embrace students from diverse backgrounds all over the world. All the students that come to us have a single goal in their mind, that is, to make a successful career for themselves. 

Before your relocation, our admission department will analyze all your details. They will also provide you with counselling and will figure out the best program for you. Our experienced admission advisors will take a look at your skills and affinities to lay out the best courses and diplomas for you. You will have an array of choices to forge your career in. Thus, the students that are seeking to study with us can rest assured that they will receive the best guidance and counsel at every step.

Canada a Multicultural Country

Canada is a culturally diverse country that welcomes people from all over the world. Central College has provided the opportunity to study in Canada to many students. Students don’t only get a top-notch educational experience but also enjoy a wonderful life that is brimming with opportunities. They have the luxury to explore lucrative and prosperous career options. So much so that it is often difficult to select a field. For this reason, our education advisors will step in and will shortlist the options considering your skills and priorities. As a result, you will have narrowed down your options and the rest will be relatively easy. 

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what’s your background and what hurdles you experience in your education. We will help you to get on the right path and choose the correct field. For instance, you could choose to be a community support worker or even a network specialist. It’s all up to you!

Once you have completed the application form for International Students, our education consultants will get in touch with you. 

Following are the fundamental requirements for admission:

Our education counsellors will guide you through the entire process to enrich your international learning experience. The students that have fulfilled the entrance requirements will receive an acceptance letter from us. 

To enter the country, you need to apply for a study permit through Immigration Canada. They will grant you legal permission to reside in Canada throughout your study tenure.

To obtain a study permit, you will need to follow the procedures as framed by the Government of Canada. 

Students are required to provide the following documents: