Business Administration Diploma Program

Business Administration Diploma Program exclusively designed to provide a valuable theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamic corporate world


2 Academic Years



Total Hours



1900 hours

Field Placement

320 hours

Business Administration Diploma Program

Central College of Business & Technology offers a diploma program in Business Administration exclusively designed to provide a valuable theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamic corporate world. The program focuses on enhanced entrepreneurial prospects and further increases occupational opportunities for employment and career advancement. Students will learn how to collect and organize financial and non-financial information to figure out the cost structure of an organization through profit management strategies.

Business Administration - Duration and What to Expect

The two-year academic program assists students in regulating the monetary position of industry and carries out efficient operations according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). You will acquire the core knowledge that employers in the international trade market must be looking forward to including a comprehensive understanding of export and import, international finance and marketing, and entrepreneurship. Students will learn diverse financial matters such as shaping the economic position of an organization. Further, you will gain detailed insights into authorized matters, finance, designing, and implementing corporate plans, research and manufacturing, marketing and sales, and much more.

Business Administration - Modules & Course Components

Why Choose Business Administration Diploma Program

To progressively grow and stay competitive in the worldwide economy, businesses around the world must have an improved understanding of the dynamics of international corporations. The course offers an extensive curriculum that acquaints students with corporate, financial, and political forces dominating the international market. It significantly focuses on building all-inclusive knowledge of human sources and marketing and sales. The program allows you to execute the knowledge into practice and provides you with real-world experience.

Business Administration Diploma Jobs

Students will acquire a strong foundation in business and accounting fundamentals. Here we have listed a few options you are more likely to consider.

Business Administration Career Opportunities

Get ready for an exciting career ahead whether you want to step in the field of import and export or trading houses and governmental agencies. We help you contribute to the international trading market by offering ample knowledge of key concepts and practical training. With consistent job search assistance to workshops, you will certainly board upon an advancing career with the right set of skills and knowledge.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be expected to know and understand:

  • How to use computerized office programs like Microsoft Office in an office environment.

  • How different phone systems work, answer the phone, provide customer service, take office inventory, order supplies and work with office filing systems.

  • The business language used in office settings and be able to create effective reports, letters, memos and other official documents.

  • The concept of business presentation, arranging business meeting, conferences and making travel arrangements.

  • To prepare journal entries, month-end, year- end reports manually and using Simply Accounting or QuickBooks

  • To create purchase quotes, orders and invoices using Simply Accounting, or QuickBooks

  • To create sales quotes, orders and invoices using Simply Accounting or QuickBooks

  • To enter receipts, payment, deposits and bank reconciliation 9. How to work on a computer with windows operating system, store files, retrieve information and backup data (work files)

  • Search the internet, find information, send/receive e-mails, maintain electronic scheduling, using Internet Explorer and Outlook

  • Type/edit letters memos, forms, reports and other types of documents using Word

  • Create/ modify the spreadsheet, use formulas, different type of functions, using Excel

  • Create/ manage information in a smaller databases software Access

  • Prepare and present presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Understand marketing concepts and how marketing affects the buying and selling of products and services.

  • Know the how and why of everyone`s role in the management

  • Know how to market business using different media forms

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